I Lost, but I’m Winning!

I lost some precious and valuable things that caused me to stumble. I’m on the hunt for those things because I believe that something’s had to be lost….in order for me to see how much value I truly possess.

Losing challenged my vision, voice and everything that I thought I knew.

I had to change my mindset and deal with all the head trauma that came at the expense of what I could not see.

However, losing allowed me to tap into my true potential by putting the pieces of what was left after loss together.

That picture alone, allowed me to regain my power, set some boundaries and walk away from things and people that no longer added value to me.

Everything may look the same, but Nothing is what it used to be.

You see my loss…set me apart, opened my eyes and showed me who I’m not, so that I can become who I’m meant to be.


Ms. Spearman



Everything starts with a Vision.

Vision is the one thing that we all have. It’s built in. You never have to look outside yourself to experience or explore the possibilities it has to offer.

Vision is the key to your value. It’s your roadmap, your confidence, your guiding light, your heart song, your liberator, your motivator, the reason why you exist.

It’s your journey to significance and the one thing that inspires again and again.

But Vision comes with a costly twist that most aren’t willing to pay because Visions real job is to show you who you are not.

It separates you from the pack, It removes you from the wild, places you in a cocoon like a caterpillar and forces you to unbecome in order to become.

Real Vision is engraved in your heart, etched in your mind and planted in your soul.

It’s that ray of hope, that breath of fresh air, that ounce of can do, that voice that says get back up, but most of all… Vision is your opportunity to manifest the gifts and talents that the creator placed upon you in the earth for all the world to see.


What would you name this chapter of your life?

That’s the one question that I ask each and every guest on my podcast.(The Voices You Have Not Heard)

Out of 47 episodes, I’ve heard everything from Freedom to struggle. It’s important to name the chapters of our lives and use them as a roadmaps to see how far we’ve come.

2018 has brought me many chapters. I’ve had loss, freedom, sacrifice, peace, happiness, joy, loss.2, loss.3, daylight, more, silence, bare with me, you can’t be serious, this is not real life, oh my god, ain’t nobody got time for this, not again, not today, I can’t be responsible for that, I got this, I don’t got this, I bet I don’t, help, nope, this is that BS right here, I no longer care, really, I made it, chance, change, transition, listen, transform, I warned you and finally…. RESET.

RESET is about…

Restructuring your thoughts
Extracting the old thoughts
Stimulating the mind to think new thoughts
Equipping yourself for change
Transforming your life through every transition

So if you didn’t finish well in 2018, here are a few things to think about as you enter into 2019

1. Remember why you started. When you feel the feelings that are tied to your goal, your energy will shift to align with that goal.

2. Get clarity. Once you have clarity, you can lock it in. It’s important that you decide to hit your goal. It doesn’t matter how much doubt and fear you have, when you can see your end goal you can keep going. Your Pivots, detours, and scenic routes are planned for you to avoid major distractions. Trust the process.

3. Rewrite your vision. It’s important that you layout exactly how you want to execute your vision. There are many ways to accomplish this goal. It’s your job to be consistent and be aware of what you say and how you say it. Words are more important than your media outlet.

4. Take inventory of your pieces. Fragments and glimpses make up who we are. We have to be willing to take a look at what we already have. Taking inventory requires that we get silent and listen in the silence instead of controlling the silence. Turning your brain off and allowing your heart to speak will bring your pieces together and allow peace to resurface in your situation to see the bigger picture.

5. Look for reminders. Who are you when you’re focused? What does being focused feel and look like when you’re in your zone and doing meaningful and fulfilling things?

6. Redirect your focus. Inspiration can come from within us or outside of us. When it comes, act upon it. Everything won’t make sense right away, but you must follow your focus. These are the moments that will change the trajectory of our lives and lives of those around us.

Every chapter makes us who we are. Take time to reflect on the pages of your chapters as you move forward in life.


Ms. Spearman


We are all designed to leak our gifts and talents. However, we often keep ourselves sealed up and that prevents others from experiencing the true essence of who we are.

We must realize that we are a costly contamination. Most people want to prevent contamination, but in this case, we must allow it to ooze out into the atmosphere and leave a residue that changes the lives of the people we come in contact with.

If we continue to stay sealed up and contain the spillage, our end result will only provide us with more closed doors and lack.

Our spillage is our demonstration in the earth and the missing link to someone elses problems.

It’s high time we empty ourselves into the atmosphere and allow our spillage to connect us to the next level of open doors.


Ms. Spearman

Without Exception

Everyone starts at the beginning.  From the moment of release we are in a race. You and I had to beat out all the other potentials that were fighting to become at the same time. By the grace of God we made it and we’ve been winning races ever since.

Today is no different.

You’ve been released to blaze a trial that’s never been walked before. You aren’t the first trailblazer in the world. All the greats started right where you are.

Dazed, confused, and overwhelmed, yet filled with potential, power and possibilities. You’re not exempt.

If they did it, so can you!


Ms. Spearman

Long Lead-In

So what happens when your comeback takes a detour?

You get ready for the long lead-in.

No one just arrives, but you have to decide that you’re going to arrive way before anyone sees the fruits of your labor.

There are no overnight successes. I know it appears that way when you see a breakout star or a new business pop on the scene. However, the preparation of the journey is unseen to the rest of the world.

The long lead-in that we don’t usually see often comes with great loss, traumatic events, financial turmoil, poverty and sometimes homelessness.

So if you’re in a state of frustration, overwhelm, or have found yourself stuck and grinding your wheels, I want you to know that this is your lead-in to something spectacular and extraordinary.

So stay the course and finish the journey. You are exactly where you’re suppose to be to arrive exactly where you’re destined to be.


Ms. Spearman


Sometimes you have to be your own hype man. You have to remember what you promised yourself before you started listening to the voices of other people.

You know the place where you were when you decided that you were going to be in a class of your own…. untouchable, unstoppable and unmovable….the place where you’re the only person pulling the puppet strings?

It’s time to get back to the hype of things.

You can keep sitting in the corner pretending that you’ve lived a sheltered life, or you can get up and face the truth. You too are unsheltered with shattered dreams, tattered clothes and a dysfunctional heart.

Those are symptoms of being human. The ground rules of life have been pieced together by a dysfunctional disorder that was in place before you arrived on the scene.

You forgot that the beauty of your brokenness is the awesome sauce you need to get you to the next level. Every scar you have represents the climb you took to possess the land, take ownership and yell…THIS IS MINE!!!

If you haven’t taken ownership, you haven’t reached your full potential as a human being and that means you still have options.

There are plenty of ways to create yourself. You don’t have to know your next step, but you must take the next step.

Life is going to throw boulders at you, you must learn to catch them and align them to create your foundation. That’s the only way to become unstoppable in the face of adversity.

You have the power to walk this journey and figure things out along the way. Don’t miss your moment waiting on something that you already possess.

Today, I encourage you to go back and look at what you already have and…

Get back to the hype of things.


Ms. Spearman