Growth is hard, uncomfortable and sometimes frustrating. It also comes with a lot of confrontation. That confrontation is mainly with ourselves and rarely with others. 

In order for growth to take place, we have to take a hard clear look at ourselves, the life we lead and the life we’re striving to achieve.

It is up to us to resolve the conflict within, so that people can’t hinder the advancement of our future.

People can see our potential before we stumble upon it and that is why it’s important to discern the distractions and temptations before they latch on and stunt the process of our growth.

Growth brings substance and observation to the forefront of our lives. Substance brings  the eyes and ears of the influencers around the world to us. Observation allows every corner of the world to be open and unleashed to us.

Growth ultimately produces what you don’t know to ask for and provides you with an opportunity to look at life differently.


Ms. Spearman



Everywhere we go and everywhere we look, it’s there looking back at us. Sometimes it smiles at us, other times it waves at us, but most often….it speaks to us. 

Opportunity is one of the things that we all get to experience no matter where we find ourselves at in life. It has a way to get our attention and flirt with us at the most opportune and awkward times.

In order for us to be able to take the right opportunity, we must first discern the story of our lives. See each opportunity we take leads us down another pathway. Each pathway connects us to new people, places and things. It is on these pathways that we get to decide to give up control to God or keep doing things in our own power.

How many of you know that our human power eventually runs out and we run into trouble? Once we run into trouble, we lose control and most of our opportunities fall by the wayside.

However, if we give up control in the beginning and let God take the wheel, every opportunity has the power to flourish and allow us to soar without lifting a finger or breaking a sweat.

Opportunity is not a once in a lifetime thing. It’s an everyday thing that has lifetime residuals.

Opportunities come in many forms and what you see today can be gone tomorrow. It may comeback around, but it won’t come with the same residual effects as when it first presented itself.  It’s our job to learn to make the most of the opportunities that cross our paths before they lose their value. Not taking the opportunity in the lifetime of the opportunity can leave you with less than you started out with if you fail to distinguish the urgent from the ultimate.  


Ms. Spearman



The time has come to face the music. You’re not who you appear to be. You’ve taken a backseat to so many things, that you’ve now become the backseat. You’re not happy there, but you feel obligated to keep things going. You’ve settled in a place that was supposed to be temporary. You think you’re helping everyone, but in reality you’ve become an enabler to the very thing you despise.
You keep motivating people to go for their dreams, yet you’ve settled. You look good on paper, but even that is a joke if we look past the second page. Living a partial dream, is like not living a dream at all.
There’s a difference between learning, developing and struggling. The truth is, you’re struggling more than you’re learning and developing. Everyone can’t see you, but for those of us who can, well, we’re just waiting for you to be vulnerable so we can help.
A Prideful state of mind is not a good place to be, No one should die alone when they are amongst the living. Face-Off!?!?
The light is coming……..
And it won’t miss the corner you’ve backed yourself into or the cracks you’ve plastered over for protection. However, I must warn you to prepare yourself because the cool, calm and collected facade that you’ve been wearing, is about to melt. As always, you will have a choice when the light finds you. You can rise up for the STAND OFF and take your place, or you can continue to STAND DOWN and let the mask once again regenerate over your face.
The choice is yours. Face-Off!?!?!
Ms. Spearman


These five letters hold the trajectory of our lives. They have the power to make or break every single relationship we have and that includes the one we have with ourselves.

This small, yet significant word can make you question everything and everybody.  It has left many of us jaded and side eyeing the very people that were sent to help us do life. We can’t continue to let our Trust issues rob us of the very people, places and things we petitioned God about. 

T                             R                                  U                                 S                                  T

At some point we have to choose who stays and who goes, but remember some people are to be kept for better and for worse. No matter the choice, the chips will hit the floor and you must determine, whose imperfections are worth fighting for. 

We aren’t meant to do life alone, so if we only depend on ourselves, we can’t efficiently and effectively partner with another person and expect our expectations to be met. We have to accept people for who they are and look at the care and concern they have for us. We can’t keep interacting and proceeding with caution with the people in our lives because the past didn’t deliver who or what we thought we needed.

We cannot resolve our Trust issues if we continue to scream ME TOO.  Break the cycle!!

Give yourself space to recall, digest and deal with your personal feelings.  Some people, places and things require a second, third and sometimes fourth look.  Silence is no longer your best option.

It’s time we do things differently. Trust can be restored with effort, active listening and proper communication.

This week I encourage you to..

  • Pause your day and reflect
  • Break your silence
  • Make the phone call, send the text and show up for the face to face

Getting things straight might mean you have to go do the thing that you said you would never do again.  Stop holding yourself hostage.

Free yourself and remember….. Trust = Do No Harm


Ms. Spearman

Stay In Your Lane

We are all required to operate in a lane. We can travel on the same road for guidance, but I can’t work your lane and you can’t work mine.  Knowing this fact, why do we consistently veer off into another lane without warning? 

My guess is that we’re out of alignment. Whether spiritual, physical, mental or emotional, we’ve gone off track, become weary and lost our focus.  These red flags are the early stages of NOT operating in our own lane.  If we don’t recognize them,  We Will Become STUCK.

When we become stuck, it is a sign that we have lost true faith within ourselves. Lost faith causes us to look in other lanes and imitate what we see.  

You can’t create and obtain power by taking pieces from someone else’s lane. Crossing over lanes to get information to fulfill a vision that doesn’t belong to you, will cause a collision that will leave you mangled, marred, and misplaced.

Stay In Your Lane!

When you stay in your lane, you become more than the average person because you no longer look like everyone else. You are provided with provision to make all your test and trials look effortless.

Your lane has a level that makes you limitless even when darkness abounds. The things that used to take you off course, no longer get under your skin and control you. You now have balance and substance that leaves lasting impressions and allows you to make your own footprints in the sand.

When operating in your lane, the flashing lights that used to signal for you to slow down and pull over, are now the lights that escort you and signal your arrival.

Stay In Your Lane!


Ms. Spearman


The Vision

Most of us have been trained to live life a certain way. We’ve been taught by our parents, teachers and bosses, but what about THE VISION? We all have one that is far greater than the life we now live. Don’t believe me……

The bible says in Habakkuk 2:2,  Write THE VISION and make it plain on tablets, so that he may run who reads it. If weren’t all born with a vision, the bible wouldn’t tell us to write it.

How many of you are having a hard time finding THE VISION, writing THE VISION, reading THE VISION and running with THE VISION?

I can guarantee that the only reason many of us are having issues pinpointing THE VISION is because we are searching for direction on something that we’re already walking in.  What do I mean?  Most of us are walking in THE VISION and missing it because it doesn’t look like we think it should look or feel like we thought it would feel. We are changing lives everyday with THE VISION that has been placed in us since the beginning of time, yet we are still trying to control how it looks and that is causing the great divide within ourselves. 

THE VISION is way more than what we’re producing now, but we must obey commands from the creator that we don’t always understand to create something new and different.  Nothing is more attractive than an individual that knows how to work their individuality and create a life based upon it. 

My vision has always been the same. To help others rethink their position in life. For me that means….Never look like everyone else and deliver what others are thinking, but won’t say out loud. To tell stories that inspire, impact and influence others around me. To leave words imprinted on the hearts of the people that I come in contact with that will cause them to think way after our conversation ends. To resonate with people and develop a sound that’s already there and bring solutions to the relatable issues we all face. 

My vision is a collaboration of voices that can come together as one and still walk to the beat of our own individual drums. Have you every heard a symphony? Collectively, they are the sugar honey ice tea… but they always have one or two who stand out amongst the crowd that get to highlight the greatness within the collective group. That’s the vision that I have not just for myself, but for all those around me. To be the embodiment of my people while still showcasing my individual greatness.

What’s the vision you see for yourself that’s far greater than what you’ve learned and how do you plan to carry it out so that we can see your greatness?


Ms. Spearman




Will You Join Me

Will You Join Me?!. This is the question, phrase and statement I put in the subject line when I send my introduction letter out to my guest.

But today, I want to know Will You Join Me for an entirely different reason.

I want to know ….

Will You Join Me in gathering friends in a war zone?

Will You Join Me in learning how to get back up when life doesn’t make sense?

Will You join Me in reproducing new life when the procreation of us is going out of style?

Will You Join Me in letting go of what is supposed to be for reality?

Will You Join Me in finding solutions to problems that stick?

Will You Join Me in fighting with a voice that inspires, impacts and influences others?

Will You Join Me in providing a new perspective instead of an old mentality?

Will You Join Me in creating a new roadmap, one that transforms instead of paralyzes? 

Will You Join Me in the front-end to drive the next generation to greatness and again on the back-end to make sure we deliver the resources that are needed?

Will You Join Me in building deeper relationships of trust in a society that says What About Me instead of what about us?

Will You?

Will You Join Me?!.


Ms. Spearman