Every road we take is filled with emotions. Some emotions take us on a detour to a place called failure and some emotions take us on a straight path to the mountain top of success.

The dilemma that most of us are facing these days is that, we’re currently on an emotional roller coaster and experiencing both roads at the same time.

I’d love to tell you that hell ain’t got a ride that we haven’t been on, but this current ride is presenting us with all of our joy and pain at every climb, dip, corner and turn. If you’re like me, you don’t know whether to raise your hands in victory or hold on tight from the turbulence.

The easiest thing for all us to do is jump off the detour and quit, but who would we be if we stopped now. What would happen to the people who are secretly watching and waiting for our next post, quote, transparent moment or business move?

Now you may not agree with method(s), but we have to acknowledge our emotions. We may not be able to pinpoint them all because they are not one big emotion, but they are a series of little things that have decided to stick together and appear big.

Here are 3 methods we must adopt when dealing with our emotions……

1. Acknowledge them and put them on notice. Let them know that you are aware that they are there…… Good morning Fear. Doubt you sure are extra vibrant today.  Pain, I see you’re still hanging on by a thread. You guys can play among yourselves if you like, but I won’t be joining the party.  (Just me, Not)

2. Recognize that they are part of the process. Our emotions build character and cause growth to take place in our lives. They will continue to put on a show, if you don’t learn to balance them out. Recognize that you won’t always be able to control them, but you must be able to discern why they have appeared on the landscape of your life and are interrupting the scene.

3. Understand that your emotions good or bad, always lead you to the fulfillment of your true potential. We have to deal with every emotional obstacle in order to get to our destiny. They are apart of a bigger plan to get what is inside of us on the outside for the world to see. If we ignore our emotions they will cause dis-ease in our lives that can lead to many other physical diseases that affect our emotional, mental, and physical state. (depression, stress, anxiety etc)

Don’t be afraid of your emotions. Embrace every detour and straight road you find yourself on. I guarantee you’re being led to a place of discovery that’s bigger than you imagined for yourself.

I’ll leave you with the words of Maya Angelou. ” There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you”


Ms. Spearman




I don’t know about you, but I’m tired. Tired of seeing the same thing over and over again. Creativity is built from failure and you cannot be afraid to fail.

Your originality comes from your mistakes. You can’t mimic your way to success off the gestures of someone else. It is your job to innovate yourself and be the trailblazer you were born to be.

This world is after your uniqueness. If you’re not paying attention, it will convince you that what you’re good at isn’t valuable while stealing your creativity and imitating everything you do.

The stigmatization of your creativity is really praise gone wrong.

So let them talk, side eye and throw shades of flattery. These are the first signs that you’re doing something right.

I know it doesn’t feel good and more often than not, it sheds light on your doubts, fears and insecurities. Don’t let it break you down.

Rise up! You’ve made it through things that most people would have died from.

I have walked through things that I never believed I was ready for, but when I look back, I realize that I’ve gotten better while they were talking, watching and impersonating me.  So….

Stop squandering your own talents trying to impersonate someone else.

You’re a demonstration and You’ve been approved to be critiqued and looked upon.

Remember…….All the greats are impersonated. Own  your position!


Ms. Spearman

All or Nothing

Everyday I fight my fears, insecurities and doubts, but there is something on the inside of me that continually says All or Nothing and it won’t allow me to backdown. 

Yet, I woke up this morning and wanted to quit Again. I keep pulling the plug, but God keeps telling me to resuscitate my strategies because they still have life and it’s my duty to navigate and reposition myself until I tap the spot that opens the floodgates. 

Every time I resuscitate a strategy… the atmosphere changes and the attacks seem greater, but structures fall,  strategies change and once blocked barriers move.

My initial thought was… this is the definition of crazy. As I paused to reflect, I realized that crazy is under my skin, it’s in my body, it has taken over my headspace and it has become like an annoying booger that I can’t flick!

I have nothing and everything at the same time. 

I’m in training and it’s uncomfortable. It’s not a game because I’m growing. I want to say that it’s a struggle, but I’ve received everything that I’ve asked for in the midst of every attack.

I’ve given up control, but I was having a hard time surrendering my outcomes and that was causing me to miss the moments of victory I was having. 

Finding and sustaining my lane has been hard. I’ve grieved plenty over who I was and who I’m becoming because change and loss are painful.

However, I’ve recognized that All that I need is in the journey because there is Nothing left to lose.

All or Nothing!


Ms. Spearman





Life has a way of throwing us the unexpected, surprising and often times disruptive curveball. It comes at us fast and happens to all of us no matter what level of life we’re on. We can feel the wind of change and often hear the brewing storm but can’t see it.

Having a good eye can help you navigate your swing, but most of us have weak eyes that  fail to focus during the preparation period.  That sudden strong downward spin has a way of knocking us off our game.

Once we’ve been hit…..defeat, depression, distress and a series of distractions come and take up residency in our mind. That one smooth swift hit drowns out our once focused vision and places us on the sidelines of life.

How long have you been Missing In Action because of a curveball?

For some of us it’s been a few weeks and for others a few months, but the sad part is that most of us have been MIA for so long that we’ve become unrecognizable to ourselves and those around us.

Don’t you think it’s time to break free?

We’ve got hidden layers that others need to see. Everything we could ever want, need and desire is within us.

It’s our duty to get a grip on life, pick up the ball, add our name to it, put our own spin on it and throw it back out into the atmosphere.

This time… life’s curveball will blaze a trail to something Great!!


Ms. Spearman




Please don’t kill that vibe!!! 

Goals and dreams are exciting. Our passion often wakes us up in the morning and gets us moving. We start out fired up and ready to hit the pavement and then it happens. We begin to overthink our decisions.

Overthinking changes our mood, shuts down our excitement and causes us to doubt everything that life has to offer.

It’s a waste of time, a dream killer and a confidence breaker.

Yet, here we are overthinking what we heard, saw and feel. Smothering our thoughts with all the what ifs, should haves, could haves and might happens, will cause us to change our mind. Changing our mind, causes paralysis to set in and inactivity and confusion to run rapid in our brains and in our hearts.

Nothing kills a vibe, dream or goal faster than overthinking.

Did you know that Successful people make decisions faster and quicker than their peers? They write them down, make sure they are in line with their core values and execute before the window of opportunity closes. This doesn’t mean they know everything or have all the answers, but they know that they have to strike when the iron is hot or they will lose the vibe and possibly the chance of a lifetime.


What are you waiting for? How much longer are you going to limit yourself?

Success requires you to make a decision. The alarm is sounding NOW, I know you hear it. Stop overthinking and make a decision.


Ms. Spearman


Make Room

Sometimes we come to an end of a thing abruptly. It’s like fight or flight takes over and now or never becomes our only choice.

We hold on to things and people because it’s comfortable, but why hold on when it’s still not meeting your core needs.

We have to learn to let go more often to make room for what’s to come.

We get so consumed with now that we often miss our appointed time in the growth process.

The thing that once seemed so great, can also be the thing that ultimately holds us back.
Make room for the mishaps, misunderstandings, mistakes and then move on.

Make room for what’s to come in your life. If it no longer makes you happy, get rid of it. It’s fairly simple, yet so complex because we look strong on the outside, but we’re very fragile and need to be handled with love and care.

In order to be seen differently, we have to be willing to make the difference because things won’t change unless WE make room for change to take place.

The shift is now. Change directions.

Those who are suppose to be in your life will adapt and stay by your side, but sometimes, we have to recalibrate to see our faults as well.

Letting go is hard, but holding on is detrimental if your call for change fails.

When you want something more, you often have to risk it all.

Don’t worry, the dust will clear and the shock value will soon subside. You’ll find out that risking it all, will one day pay residual dividends that far exceed anything that could of happened by holding on.

Make Room!!!


Ms. Spearman


Growth is hard, uncomfortable and sometimes frustrating. It also comes with a lot of confrontation. That confrontation is mainly with ourselves and rarely with others. 

In order for growth to take place, we have to take a hard clear look at ourselves, the life we lead and the life we’re striving to achieve.

It is up to us to resolve the conflict within, so that people can’t hinder the advancement of our future.

People can see our potential before we stumble upon it and that is why it’s important to discern the distractions and temptations before they latch on and stunt the process of our growth.

Growth brings substance and observation to the forefront of our lives. Substance brings  the eyes and ears of the influencers around the world to us. Observation allows every corner of the world to be open and unleashed to us.

Growth ultimately produces what you don’t know to ask for and provides you with an opportunity to look at life differently.


Ms. Spearman